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Ep 170 Andrew Mault

Andrew is currently the country manager of Hammerjack, outsource service solutions and cloud technology, which is a BPO based in the Philippines. It offers a range of specialized outsourcing services primarily to Australian SMEs and SMBs.



  • Andrew is an English guy with 12 years rich experience working as enterprise and corporate level outsourcing provider. To know more about Andrew’s professional background, you may visit Episode 165.
  • Andrew and the co-founders of Hammerjack banked on the need for SME focus seat leasing and staffing provider.
  • Hammerjack is a single source for SMEs, providing full-managed outsource teams and affordable outcome-based service models.
  • Andrew agrees that for a business to scale up, there is a need for governance and a structure that sits behind it. This is mostly impossible without a strong workforce.
  • Hammerjack service model allows the sharing of top level management skills and skilled human capital that is available 24 hours, seven days a week at a lower cost to start-ups and SMEs in Australia.


Key Points

  • The challenge of start-ups and small businesses is business governance and a competent structure to support this governance.
  • Hammerjack fills the need by sharing 24/7 top level management skills along with experienced pool of talents at the lowest possible cost for start-ups and small businesses to succeed.
  • It’s easier to start-up a business when the objective is clear, and there is that outsource service provider with tailored-fit service models for easy and quick engagement.




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