episode 21
episode 21

Eileen Ramos – Learning More Tagalog with Eileen Ramos

Derek is joined by Eileen Ramos again. Eileen taught Derek some conversational Tagalog words which can be quite handy should you plan to visit the Philippines.


  • Tagalog is the main language in the Philippines and it’s a beautiful and emotive language.
  • Eileen and Derek discussed a few conversational Tagalog words;
  1. “Walang anuman” (proper), no problem (improper) – Thank you
  2. “Derecho” – Straight
  3. “Kanan” – Right
  4. “Kaliwa” – Left
  5. “Sa kanto” – At the corner
  6. “Para” – Stop
  7. “Tabi” – Side
  8. “Pasok” – Enter
  9. “Dito” – Here
  10. “Kuya” – older brother
  11. “Ate” – Younger brother
  12. “Pa” – Yet
  13. “Isa” – One
  14. “Dalawa” – Two
  15. “Tatlo” – Three
  16. “Apat” – Four
  17. “Lima” – Five
  18. “Una” – First
  19. “Pangalawa” – Second
  20. “Pangatlo” – Third
  21. “Pang-apat” – Fourth
  22. “Pang-lima” – Fifth
  23. “Salamat” – Thank you
  24. “Humingi” – Ask
  25. “Maganda” – Beautiful
  26. “Pangit” – Ugly
  27. “Matapang” – Brave
  28. “Tapos na” – Finished
  • According to Eileen, Tagalog uses a lot of syllables in each word.


Key Points

  • The Filipino Language is a very emotive but interesting language
  • Filipinos are very good English speakers which makes it quite difficult to learn their language since they can switch from English to Tagalog very quickly.
  • Learning the Tagalog can be an advantage and can be quite handy should you plan to visit or do business in the Philippines.



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