Eileen Juan – Takeaways in Operating a Business in the Philippines

Today Derek is joined once again by Eileen Juan of TPC. Eileen shares her insights about what it’s like doing business in the Philippines compared to setting up shop outside the country



  • Eileen gave her very rounded perspective about what it’s like doing business in the Philippines and managing staffing.
  • Doing business in Kuala Lumpur is very different from doing business in the Philippines. People in the Philippines have a huge heart and are always eager to help.
  • According to Eileen, most smart people are being exported to other countries that’s why it’s difficult to find people with good skills.
  • Filipinos are more relaxed unlike in Switzerland where working 13-hour shifts are common.
  • Eileen told her HR Manager that her dream is to create a Picture Company Culture like what she did in Malaysia wherein people saw the difference in the culture of My TPC and made the Filipino culture shine in Malaysia.
  • Eileen also shared her dream to her HR manager which is for HR values to change the Philippines. Also, to write a book on how to run a company that changes people.
  • There has been an increase in the middle-class over the past 10-15 years.
  • Eileen and her team discussed the increase in the upper B’s purchasing power and how they can use that to their advantage.


Key Points

  • BPO companies planning to outsource to the Philippines should infuse the Filipino culture in their companies.
  • There has been an increase in the middle-class and middle-class consumption over the past 10-15 years.




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