The Past, Present and Future of the Contact Centre in the Outsourcing Industry

Ep 046 Derek Gallimore

Derek and Arnold discussed the past, present and future of the outsourcing industry within the contact centers and customer support area.



  • Arnold and Derek looked at the outsourcing contact centers and where it all really began for outsourcing. This started about 20-25 years ago predominantly in the Philippines and India.
  • Contact Channels in the past: normally involves phones and emails

Contact Channels in the present: emails, social media, mobile apps, web chats, IVRs

  • Experience of outsourcing (past): technology made it worse before due to slow internet connection, there were multichannel issues.

Experience of outsourcing (present/future): more enhanced, improved technology everything is logged in so it favors the consumer more.

  • Services offered (past): customer service via email and phone

Services offered (present/future): expanded functions like back offices jobs, inbound and outbound sales and technical support.

  • Involvement of the customer experience (past): very simple. A simple question would require a simple answer.

Involvement of the customer experience (present/future): more proactive functions. More sophisticated services.

  • Interaction and engagement (past): it boils down to a specific manual, little to none interaction, one size fits all solution.

Interaction and engagement (present/future): more personalized,

  • Customer expectations (past): people are used to queries not being resolved in the same day.

Customer expectations (present/future): everything is fast-paced and consumers make use of social media nowadays to resolve their concerns. As a result, there is greater expectation regarding the turnaround time.

  • Skillset (past): one is to one ratio; one person will handle one task and the other will handle another task.

Skillset (present/future): employees are more knowledgeable and trained.


Key Points

  • Derek believes that the Philippines is the heart of outsourcing because of the cultural alignment and their incredible grasp of the English language.
  • The outsourcing industry in the Philippines has grown and matured tremendously over the years.
  • The roles of employees have expanded over the years, from purely customer service to  back-office, sales, and technical support.






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