activation consultation
activation consultation

Activation Consultation 1.0 – Laying out the Framework

Derek will talk about module one of the activation consultation. It is about laying out the framework for outsourcing. Also, this episode is about reframing how you think about your business and its relationship to outsourcing.


  • The next episodes are about the six modules of the Outsource Activation Program. Derek will give you some insight into the learnings that you would have on the outsource activation consultation program. However, there is so much more value if you actually do the full program.
  • Included in the program are open office sessions. Outsource Accelerator will help you build a network of key people in Manila that you can turn to if you need contacts and leads if you want to start with your outsourcing journey.
  • What Derek wants to cover in this module is just basic outlining. What you want to achieve from outsourcing. This is a critical exercise because it determines what you want to establish and set clear expectations as to why you are outsourcing.
  • Delegation is one of the things that all of us could improve on more because it’s about leveraging as much as we can our time and skills when it comes to outsourcing.
  • We need to bear in mind the fact that there are other competent people out there that can do the job for us. They could be in another country or they could have a different culture and that’s okay.
  • Derek encourages the listeners to write a one-page strategic plan. List down your milestones, stepping stones and how you can get to your 5 and 10-year goals. Include the core competencies of your business, the strategic intellectual property of your business and also the key roles and functions within your business.
  • The next one is business process mapping. It’s about identifying and delineating processes so that they can be mapped out and better managed and optimized.
  • Derek also suggests to the listeners as an exercise to go through a task delegation assessment where they list the key things that they do or the roles they play in their respective businesses.
  • Within the outsource activation consultation Derek, including you will then look at the exercises and work through the results and give you great context of what can be achieved with outsourcing plugged into your business.


Key Points

  • Delegation is one of the things that all of us could improve on more because it’s about leveraging as much as you can our time and skills when it comes to outsourcing.
  • The first module of the Outsource activation program talks about identifying the easiest route to success.
  • The Outsource Activation Program can be very helpful most especially to those people who are planning to outsource. If you are not yet that interested in outsourcing, you can also learn a few tricks and hacks about business and outsourcing by listening to Outsource Accelerator Podcast. Who knows, you might decide to take this route just by listening.






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