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Activation Consultation 4.0 – Managing a Filipino Workforce

In this podcast, Derek discusses module 4 of the Outsource Activation Consultation Program, which is about managing your Filipino workforce and getting the best out them.


  • Derek talks about some key cultural differences of working with a Filipino team. This is to help anyone who plans to outsource in the Philippines be successful.
  • Rewards and recognition are briefly discussed, touching on the best way to incentivize Filipino employees to perform their objectives.
  • Incentivization through gamification was also discussed and if people are incentivized through gamification, it enhances the engagement received through the rewards programs.
  • Becoming a great client is also discussed in this module for the activation consultation program.


Key Points:

  • To get the best results, you’ve got to treat people in the best way possible
  • Sometimes, the best reward for some people is social recognition for what they have done.
  • The rewards of spending time upfront by taking the activation consultation program can be multiplied many, many times.
  • It is important to recognize cultural differences in the workplace.



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