Leah Katrina [1 of 2] – A Freelancers Journey in Upwork


Today, Derek is joined by Leah Katrina in a two-part series and they will talk about Leah’s career in Upwork.



  • Leah is from Naga City, Bicol. She is a contract worker in Upwork and other platforms.
  • She has been working as a freelancer for 15 years now.
  • She first worked for CBCP (Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines). She handled the canon law.
  • Leah started with oDesk which was fairly easy back then which is no longer the case nowadays.
  • Her first freelancing job was from Craigslist. She had a hard time with some clients because some weren’t paying.
  • Leah moved to the Internet service provider which was providing internet in the suburbs. She started designing websites for small Catholic schools. Eventually, she learned web designing and other skills.
  • Leah chose to be a freelancer because of the chance to be self-employed. You can basically work in the comfort of your home.
  • According to Leah, the money is good in freelancing. She already out-earned what she would have earned had she taken a different route in her career.
  • Leah commonly works for 16 hours a day juggling three to clients.


Key Points

  • Upwork nowadays is trickier and more challenging because a lot of people would want to work as a freelancer and have the luxury of working from home.
  • The plus side in using Upwork is that it is more secured and there is better visibility.
  • Upwork is a very powerful platform. It can help jumpstart your freelancing career.






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