Leah Katrina [2 of 2] – Evolution of Freelancing Platforms



This is the second part of Derek and Leah’s discussion about Upwork. In the second part, they will talk about the evolution of Upwork as a platform.


  • According to Leah, oDesk, Elance before are very different from Upwork now. The competition is getting tougher these days. Contractors have also become pickier over time that even Leah finds it hard to win jobs.
  • One thing that hasn’t changed though according to Leah is that there are still contractors who would say that only Filipinos can apply because of the very low pay.
  • Some platforms would sometimes mismatch your skills with what the client is really looking for, like with what happened with Leah in one platform.
  • Some business owners start outsourcing and they hire someone and they expect that one person to be able to do everything which is not the reality. Even in their home country, it would be difficult to find a generalist.
  • According to Leah, a lot of people in the Philippines would like to lead the same path which is freelancing.
  • Leah’s next goal is to build a team in Upwork.
  • The salary of freelancers really depends on their employers. Some pay as much as $25/ hour for programming. Some pay below the average salary.
  • Leah’s areas of specialty are web design, web content management, and virtual assistance.


Key Points

  • Some business owners start outsourcing and they hire one freelancer and they expect that one person to be able to do everything which is not the reality.
  • More and more people nowadays are trying out freelancing because of its benefits and because of the possibility of a better pay.
  • Upwork is a very powerful and useful platform, you just need to know how to leverage yourself and continue to upskill for better career opportunities.





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