girl in long dress
girl in long dress

Pia Gladys Perey – One Incredible Filipina Taking on the World

Today’s guest is Pia Gladys Perey, a successful entrepreneur in the fashion industry. Born and raised in the Philippines and is the sole owner of her own fashion brand. Get to know her journey and how she was able to take advantage of accessing the world market from the Philippines.


  • Pia Gladys Perey is a fashion designer from the Philippines who built her self-funded business from scratch without prior knowledge in fashion. Her largest market is in Australia and now in the US, her second largest market. She aims to make her business a brand.
  • Learning comes in different guises; from a persistent application to apprenticeship, to volunteering and to merchandising.
  • Big investments need “I am gonna do it” spirit, and not always playing safe which will get you somewhere and not the highest extent you can go.
  • The Philippines is best known as the world’s outsourcing capital, as such, world’s biggest and smallest companies are coming to the Philippines, especially, the West to benefit from its cheap resources.
  • The Philippines are hard workers, very resourceful and always find a way to make things work. Nevertheless, traffic conditions affect people’s productivity in the Philippines.

Key Points:

  • Persistence is the key to achieving great success
  • Exploring new ideas and locations can result in changing how you do business
  • The Philippines has been known for giving excellence, especially, in the customer service or technical skills.




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