Frederic Joye – From Swiss Banker to a BPO Company Owner

In this podcast, Derek is joined by Frederic Joye.  Frederic is a banker Switzerland who pursued his entrepreneurial career working in currencies in Hong Kong, which led him to the Philippines and co-founded a BPO company.  In this episode, Frederic shares his background and why he chose the Philippines to be the location of his company, Arcanys.



  • Frederic was led to the Philippines after joining his business partner on an e-commerce venture. With the industry changing, they had to look for staff members that could serve their clients better to keep their competitive edge.
  • Frederic chose the Philippines because of the high level of English fluency and the cultural proximity with customers. He saw a lot of potential in the Philippines when it comes to outsourcing.
  • Frederic shares that a lot of communication with their clients and being aligned with the vision of how the product is going to get built is required to make the business successful.


Key Points

  • The Philippines is positioning itself as the as the Swiss banking of the outsourcing industry.
  • The Philippines is world-class in outsourcing and is one of the world’s experts
  • A country’s language and culture are very big factors in the success of an outsourcing project.
  • Filipinos are extremely friendly and welcoming. They always want to make sure that whoever they’re interacting with is happy.




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