Sunshine Lichauco De Leon – Diving into the Intricacies of the Philippines

Ep 86 - Sunshine de Leon

In this podcast, Derek is joined by Sunshine Lichauco De Leon once again, an international journalist and a filmmaker.  She shares her insight about Philippine outsourcing and digging deep into the Filipino culture.



  • Sunshine states that to understand one country like the Philippines, you need to understand how other countries might perceive or misperceive that country so it’s important to be able to bridge the two worlds.
  • For Sunshine, the Philippines is a little bit more complicated because it appears to be very much western.
  • Every country will have that part of it that looks the same as everywhere else but human nature being.
  • I think that it’s human nature that whenever everything starts to get some people it’s hard to differentiate.
  • She likes to think that people have the spirit of innovation and expressing their own individuality, no matter how small it might be will still come out.


Key Points

  • Filipinos are very creative and very innovative.
  • Nothing is black and white and you have to be able to understand those layers of complexity that lay beneath the surface for better or worse in order to take advantage of the possibilities of art.
  • It’s all about nuance you have to understand that every culture, every relationship, every transaction, has its nuances and if you understand those then you are prepared how to deal with them, how to react to them.






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