Stephane Morel – Living in the Philippines for over 9 years

Ep 090 Stephane Morel

In this podcast, Derek is joined by Stephane Morel, a French living in the Philippines for over 9 years.  Listen as Derek taps into what led Stephane to fall in love with the Philippines.



  • Stephane enjoys the weather in the Philippines.
  • According to Stephane, The Philippines is a poor country but very rich.
  • He states that the development of the country is evolving only for those who have money.
  • Stephane shares that 10 years ago he travels a lot and Philippines was the last country he wants to visit.
  • Filipinos really amazing according to Stephane.
  • Filipinos speak English perfectly.


Key Points

  • From France, the only thing you will hear about The Philippines are negative things;  about typhoons and terrorist attacks.
  • One of the best surfing spots in the world is Siargao.
  • Gawad Kalinga has quite a strong French connection.
  • Gawad Kalinga is built about 250 thousand homes for the poor in the Philippines






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