Jamie McBrien – How optiBPO was Founded

Ep 091 Jamie McBrien

In this podcast, Derek is joined by Jamie Mcbrien once again as Derek deep dive into Jamie’s optiBPO which is a hybrid kind of outsourcing BPO advisory outfit.



  • Jamie has been a management consultant his whole life focused on finance and back-office operations including shared services and outsourcing.
  • OptiBPO helps plan to build and manage offshore dedicated teams, they work with clients upfront, onshore in Australia, New Zealand, and the UK mainly.
  • They only focus on the Philippines to recruit the right team members
  • Jamie’s clients’ range and size are always hard to fully define.
  • He states that their expertise is predominantly around the finance and the back office functions.


Key Points

  • It’s important to work with the right partners and to work with a range of different organizations
  • In every strategy, there will always be bumps along the way, some of the people are employable some of them aren’t but it’s about making sure you have a strong management structure in place to ensure your success.
  • There will always be hiccups and frustrations when you’re running a business.  
  • Success is created only in building successful teams over time.





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