Vince Filamor – Journey and Career as a Project Manager

In this podcast, Derek is joined by Vince Filamor, a 27-year-old Filipino Project Manager in software development and application. Derek explores a little bit about Vince’s journey, his career, and ambitions for the future.



  • Vince went to De La Salle College of St Benilde and took up Business Management majoring in Computer Applications.
  • He shares that he’s been working for 6 years now from the post-grad.
  • It wasn’t that smooth and it took him 6 months to find a job because people would always want experienced professionals.
  • Vince’s first company is an American company based in California with an office in Pasig City.
  • Vince also shares that his company develops software customized for their clients.
  • He managed several teams, with a total of 30+ people ranging from coders, testers to designers.
  • Vince mentioned the compensation itself is very different. A foreign-based company would try to make sure you earn more than a standard Filipino company, so you get more benefits, more vacation leaves and definitely more cash.
  • In the future, Vince wants to have his own company.


Key Points

  • De La Salle is one of the Ivy league schools in the Philippines.
  • Most Americans are comfortable speaking with Filipinos because of their command of the English language.
  • In Filipino based companies – the culture is very different, expectation is very different, requirements are also different, it’s really a whole new world
  • There is a big difference between what people earn in a Philippine-based company compared to what you earn in the foreign-based company.





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