Leah Katrina – Freelancing and Operating an Ice Cream Business

In this episode, Derek is joined by Leah Katrina for the third time. Leah is an experienced Virtual Assistant and also owns a couple of business in Manila. Derek and Leah will talk about her business venture and what drives her to pursue those.



  • Leah runs an ice cream business with her sister and his soon to be brother-in-law.
  • She helps out with the marketing and branding.
  • According to Leah, business is actually very good and the demand is overpowering them.
  • As of now, they only cater to some hotels and restaurants in Paranaque, Makati, and BGC area and they are still looking for partners.
  • She is looking forward to double the production and get more clients and partners to sell their brand or sell their products.
  • Leah also makes and designs yoga jewelry. It’s called Mala beads or Buddhist prayer beads.
  • She is inspired to venture into the “bead” business because she does yoga and she likes designing.


Key Points

  • It’s common to see freelancers having entrepreneurial spirits and having their own small business on the side
  • Mala beads or Buddhist prayer beads is originated in Tibet and other Buddhist countries.



  • outsourceaccelerator.com/98
  • https://www.facebook.com/AdamsIceCream/



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