Jim Yuan – Digital Nomad Lifestyle in the Philippines

In this episode, Derek is joined by Jim Yuan. He is working as a Digital Nomad with a background in IT consultancy and commercial strategy.  Jim will share his thoughts about the Philippine economics and future opportunities. On a lighter note, he is also going to talk about his impression of the Filipino lifestyle.



  • Jim highlights the beaches and nature in the Philippines.
  • Jim shares his insight about the tourism in the Philippines.
  • Jim encourages a lot of his backpacking digital nomad friends to come to the Philippines.
  • According to Jim, Cebu is seen as the more laid back, chill, Messiah’s island city wherein you have the city life but then you also have the country life if you wish.
  • Jim has a nomad’s perspective and he said that when you step out of your home country you see it with a much more fresh pair of eyes because you are not in the forest anymore. Also, you’re able to see things from a fresh perspective and a much proper lens.
  • He also shares the best strategy if you’re a Silicon Valley startup into outsourcing or if you want to move your development team to a place like Cebu, Chiang Mai or even Thailand because it’s so much cheaper.


Key Points

  • The Philippines is one of the top 3 diving destinations in the world.
  • Cebu is an ideal place to start outsourcing into if you wish to relocate to the Philippines
  • Cebu has a pretty high score on nomadlist.com, higher than Manila



  • outsourceaccelerator.com/99



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