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Onshore Outsourcing


Onshore outsourcing, also known as domestic outsourcing, is the practice of outsourcing business functions to a company in the same country where the business operates.

Benefits of onshore outsourcing include: smaller travel expenses, similar timezones, similar cultural expectations, and, on occassion, easier legal compliance. The cost of staffing is not as competitive as with offshore outsourcing, but some experts argue that when taking all things into consideration, onshore outsourcing is just as competitive an option for business owners. Issues that can arise due to a mismatch in expectations can be more easily resolved because of lower travel costs and similar timezones, for example.

Most outsourcing companies establish a local office in the country they are servicing. Whilst most of the operations will be done offshore, the accounts executive team are usually based onshore to keep good working relationship with the client. A lot of businesses have built their outsourced team with a mix of onshore and offshore talents.

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